Smallholder Farmer Alliance

Smallholder Farmer Alliance (SFA) applies a social enterprise model to help feed and reforest a renewed Haiti by establishing farmer cooperatives, building agricultural export markets, creating rural farm businesses and contributing to community development. SFA focuses its work on building tree nurseries. Farmers volunteer to work in the nursery and in exchange receive farming tools, training on improved farming techniques, and the opportunity to participate in a seed co-op and animal sharing program.

SFA has been working in Medor, one of the 6 communities in the 3Legs pilot project, since 2010, through the community’s relationship with Our Lady Queen of Peace in Arlington, VA. SFA has agreed to implement the 3Legs Initiative in Medor in 2019 and will evaluate the other 3Legs communities for readiness to join the program.

Farmer tends the community tree nursery.

Become a friend of 3Legs by making a regular monthly contribution of $30.