Free Resources

Following is a collection of free downloadable Covid-19 resources. 


Haitian superhero spreads the word about COVID-19 prevention


Brochure: Battle Against Coronavirus

This brochure uses a comic book format to convey key messages about wearing masks, social distancing and home quarantine. The illustrations are by Haitian comic book artist Thony Loui, with content from Santé and the Government of Haiti.

Social Media Images

The following images are taken from the brochure, and are intended for use in social media outreach. Encourage your partner organizations in Haiti to send these images to their networks via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Coloring Pages

The images from the brochure have been turned into comic pages ready for coloring by students unable to go to school for the moment. These pages can be downloaded below, but they are also available in printed form in Haiti by completing an online form. You or your partner organization in Haiti will be asked in this form if any funding is available for the coloring pages, but if not, they are also available in limited quantities for free.

SMS/WhatsApp Covid-19 Alerts

You may want to encourage your partner organizations in Haiti to have individuals sign up to receive SMS or WhatsApp Covid-019 updates and alerts via their cellphone. This is a free service provided by Santé. People in Haiti can sign up by going to this page (in Creole) and scrolling down to the signup section.

Video: Coronavirus basic prevention

This one-minute animated video explains five different basic steps to take to avoid the spread of Coronavirus.

Video: When to seek help and when to quarantine

This one-minute animated video (in Creole) explains how to decide when quarantining at your house is the best decision and when it is important to go to a hospital to seek medical help.

Video: Facts about COVID-19

This one-minute animated video (in Creole) dispels myths around Coronavirus and gives important facts that everyone needs to understand about the virus.

Video: Supporting your children

This one-minute animated video (in Creole) discusses how to support children's social and emotional well-being throughout the Covid -19 crisis.

Video: Supporting HIV population during COVID-19

This one-minute animated video (in Creole) discusses the importance of taking medication to ensure viral suppression and additional risks Covid -19 for HIV patients.

MSPP Graphic

This is a simple one-pager (in Creole) from the MSPP on how to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Kako Images

These images from comedian Kako (in Creole) encourage people to respect and honor health workers and destigmatize Covid-19 and prevent violence against Covid-19 positive patients.

Social/Emotional Impact of Crisis and Pandemic