Founded in 1991, the APF Clinic provides healthcare for at least 7 rural communities, with a total population of approximately 50,000 individuals. Prior to its establishment, those seeking medical assistance were forced to walk many miles, or were carried until they found a bus or TAP-TAP that would take them to the nearest hospital.

The Building • Phase One

Like many other APF structures, the APF Clinic fell in the devastating earthquake of January 12, 2010. Since then, the work has been done out of a small shipping container. Six years later, the container is on the verge of breaking down itself.

Luckily, we have received a large donation that will enable us to complete Phase One of construction, which includes a main examination room, pharmacy and laboratory, as well as the foundation for a larger structure to be completed in the future.


Of the $190,000 needed to complete Phase One, Caritas Italiana has donated the equivalent of $160,000.

An anonymous donor has now agreed to provide $15,000 in matching funds for the final $30,000 through.

That means every dollar donated toward the completion of this project will count as $2!




APF Haiti recently arranged for a qualified physician to serve at the Clinic, taking patients three days per week. The total cost for this service is $500 a month. One generous donor has come forward to serve this critical need for one year!

The Building • Phase two

Phase two of Clinic construction will consist of eleven additional rooms including: a waiting room, administrative offices and archives, a maternity room and more, and will cost approximately $1,010,000 to complete.


Phase Two is an ambitious goal but it only reflects the drive and determination of the people we are helping. We stand along side men, women, children and families who have struggled for so long with little to no healthcare. This project will give the region a viable resource to ensure healthcare is no longer a luxury but a basic human right.



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Raising Haiti Foundation is an authorized business name for Association of the Peasants of Fondwa, USA Inc., a District of Columbia 501(c)3 charitable entity.